What I’ve learned in my new role at Rezare Systems

The last six-months have been enlightening. 

The first week started out at Field Days – nothing like jumping into the deep end! I found it particularly challenging moving from auditing where I felt comfortable in the Biosecurity sector to AgriTech where I struggled to keep up with conversation.  I have realised the benefits of interpersonal skills and l have learnt from the best how to engage with deep questioning to define the problem which of course will need a solution. From working with clients, I have seen how this is super effective enabling us to really understand what the client is trying to achieve, find the core of the problem and then think about the possibilities for solution.

The lingo of IT was certainly frustrating initially and, much like the military, has a love for three letter acronyms.  The most valuable to learn in these first six months would be API – Application Programming Interface.  The industry seems to agree that data interoperability, using APIs and collaborating within the industry, is the way forward.   

Trust is an issue, much like most relationships, and deters the apprehensive from sharing valuable data as they want certainty as to who their data is being shared with and for what purpose. Realising the need, Rezare has developed a platform with secure permissioning to connect farms and the industry. It is exciting to be involved with sharing this progressive technology. 

I have been completely edified by the new group of people I find myself working with.  There is so much knowledge and I feel very privileged to be part of this team and look forward to this journey. 

So far so good.