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About Rezare Systems

Now part of the Map of Agriculture Group, Rezare Systems is a leading international bespoke agri software and digital solutions business headquartered Hamilton, New Zealand. Rezare Systems services agribusiness organisations and agritech providers in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Rezare Systems was founded in 2004, with the founder directors having worked at AgResearch, NZ’s premier crown-owned agricultural research institute. 

Over the years we have developed an enviable track record in developing solutions that are best in class and derived from our expertise in building customer-centric software, leading development methodologies, and science-backed digital solutions for agriculture. 

Our team has grown substantially to include capabilities in large databases, algorithmic approaches to data analysis and prediction, mathematical modelling, and web & mobile device development.

Our customers trust us to bring a deep knowledge of the agriculture sector, a collaborative and innovative working style, and a solid process for product delivery.

Rezare Systems is an established and growing company of more than 40 energetic and committed people that provides ideas, guidance, and software & product development expertise to those working in the agriculture and food sectors.

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Leadership Team

Andrew Cooke

Managing Director (NZ, Australia) and CTO Map of Agriculture Group

Andrew’s background is in science and technology, and he has been involved in the design and development of a number of agricultural tools.

He provides advice and consulting on technology adoption and use in the agricultural sector to farming and farm-service organisations. Andrew is an international expert on standards and principles for interoperability of agricultural data, particularly in the livestock sector.

Julian Gairdner

Managing Director (Rezare UK) and CCO Map of Agriculture Group

Julian is an experience and dynamic leader who brings a successful international career in digital media and agricultural data. He has a passion to deliver new tools and services based on agri-data, improving value chain performance and leveraging growing engagement with online communities and networks.

Graeme Ogle

Business Development (NZ, Australia) and Farm Systems Specialist

Graeme has broad experience in pastoral agriculture, including research, farm systems analysis and consultancy, and agricultural software product development. Graeme believes that managing data to transform it into information that can increase knowledge and support better decisions is both exciting and highly valuable.