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Food, beverage, and natural products companies increasingly need to answer consumer’s questions about their supply chains.

As a brand owner, you need to tell the story about your product: its provenance and the unique people, place and processes that have made it what it is. A story that will help lift your product from a commodity to greater value. We can help you build a traceable supply chain that captures the data needed to support the “credence attributes” of your brand story.

Our team has been developing livestock performance recording and tracing solutions since the early 1990s when we developed PC-based data capture tools for farming (Endeavour 2) and sheep genetics. We have expertise in livestock supply chain traceability and existing software platforms that you can leverage for your own supply programme.

We’ve run a number of industry projects that demonstrated the on-farm value in adopting technology such as electronic identification (EID, also known as radio-frequency identification or RFID) for dairy and sheep and beef farms. With the New Zealand RFID Pathfinder Group, we trialled the use of UHF tags and readers in livestock and the resulting supply chain.

Our team have been working with animal recording to support performance breeding since the early 1990s, and we have maintained New Zealand’s sheep genetics database since we formed Rezare Systems in 2004.

Our customers ask us to implement or update core databases and data storage, including pedigree, performance observations, and genotype and gene-test data. We assist them with data collection tools, including integration with on-farm equipment and processor measurement systems. We have also helped our customers automate their genetic evaluations and built analytic tools to deliver results to breeders and their clients.

In aligned supply programmes, producers, processors and retail brand owners work together to deliver products and an experience that supports a premium brand. These supply programmes emphasise transparency, with information passed in both directions along the chain to manage timing and quantity of supply, and to meet demanding specification and quality targets.

Our software and know-how help us to implement solutions that help brand managers and agricultural managers interact and share data with both producers and supply chain partners. Our vision is to enable information to flow from brand owners and processors to producers, and then back to their suppliers and genetics providers, and with an equivalent flow of information forwards through the chain.

We have brought together our knowledge of livestock genetics data capture and livestock supply chain technology into pureFarming, our cloud-based platform that supports livestock genetics, aligned supply programme management, and multi-farm operations. pureFarming provides Android and iOS apps for offline and in-field livestock management, and synchronises that data back into the cloud for analysis and sharing with your team and business partners.

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