Customer Stories

Positive partnership in agricultural systems

Holding millions of animal records for hundreds of animal breeding societies globally brings some complex demands on the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI).

Smart route to nitrogen trail

Auditing the paperwork on nitrogen losses across hundreds of farms could be the stuff of paperwork nightmares. But Rezare Systems helped AgFirst develop a simple to use, streamlined approach to remove the paper blitz.

A partnership for database excellence

Beef+Lamb New Zealand Genetics has forged a strategic relationship with Rezare Systems as it seeks to maintain and innovate its genetic databases.

Design process helps SNPshot sample success

When the team at SNPshot developed technology to make livestock DNA sampling easier and seamless, they soon recognised that good hardware was only part of the solution.

Managing nutrient management compliance

As part of it’s commitment under the Sustainably Dairying Water Accord, Fonterra set out to make it easy to collect data from dairy farmers to model Nitrogen losses and conversion efficiency.

A digital solution to the trial data challenge

With over 16,000 head of cattle on 10 farms, AgResearch may surprise many with the scale of its farming operations. The research body can claim scale similar to a corporate farming entity. With that is a need to quickly access timely and relevant information.