Software product development and consulting services


Services we provide

Our customers rely on our expertise and collaboration as they develop new products, services, and processes that target the agricultural sector.

They leverage our expertise through consultancy, farm systems modelling, and software product development. We have particular know-how, IP, and skills in:


What makes us different?

Our customers look to us to lower the risk inherent in new product development, increase speed to market, and deliver smarter products that will bring a greater return on investment.

Deep sector knowledge and collaboration

Much of the Rezare Systems’ “magic” comes from our deep sector knowledge, both our understanding what drives agricultural systems and supply chains, and our networks and connection with others in the industry ecosystem. Customers who come to us thinking “if only we could do ….” often find that this is possible, and more! Our collaborative approach and ability to bring ideas to the table delivers a greater ROI for our customers.


Broad technology capability

Whether its user experience design, mathematical modelling and data analysis, or web and mobile development, our team brings a range of capabilities to bear on customer projects. Importantly for our customers, we bring our existing IP to the table – algorithms and frameworks that can be leveraged to speed time to market.


Strong but flexible processes

New product or service development can be a risky process. We’ve all heard the horror stories of long development programmes that eventually bring a product to market, only to discover it doesn’t meet customer needs. Our agile process emphasises discovery of the features (“user stories”) that will add greatest value to your end users, active prioritisation and early delivery and review. Flexibility in being able to swap out less important features and bring forward newly-discovered value lowers the risk in developing new products.


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