Rezare Systems - agricultural software development specialists

At Rezare Systems, our mission is to help the primary sector become more productive, sustainable, and profitable. We work with scientists, agricultural consultants and information providers to:

  • Understand the needs of farmers and their advisors, and the issues that affect their adoption of new technology;
  • Create data collection systems and databases that efficiently collect and manage large amounts of data, avoid re-entry of data and minimise effort in the field;
  • Deliver sophisticated analyses, including use of mathematical models of biological systems that allows decision makers to visualise the impact of farm decisions on profit and the environment.

We’re passionate about making software that is both useful and usable for the primary sector.  Our customers include corporate farmers, primary processing companies, service providers or advisors, and sector organisations.


Mobile Devices and In-Field Data Capture

Capturing data in the field and as it happens with smartphones and other devices removes double-entry and avoids farmers spending time on the computer when they get home at night.

Smart Biological Models

Our team turns science models into smart software that helps our customers visualise and understand drivers of nutrient management, feed and pasture growth, and livestock performance.

Electronic Identification and Livestock Traceability

Rezare Systems is recognised for its work on livestock traceability, food chain information, and livestock recording systems, including EID or RFID technologies.

Data interchange standards for the New Zealand pastoral sector.

We're working on a project to define and evolve data interchange standards for the New Zealand pastoral sector. Read more about it here.