How shared data supports good agricultural practice and marketing

Agricultural supply chains have become increasingly complex and for those serving discerning markets, increasingly demanding. Product integrity, safety, and quality attributes are moving from being based on reassurances to evidence and audit.

In the past, a handshake, a solid conversation, a trusted voice on the phone would have provided the necessary

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How models can improve your farming decisions

Not many careers carry the same challenges of complexity as farming. Politics requires substantial adaptability. Consumer marketing and the share market both have challenges of trying to forecast what is erratic and volatile. Manufacturing requires controls over process and product quality. Farming combines all of these, and requires complex, multi-factor decisions that deal with climate and weather, market demand and pricing, as well as the sometimes-hidden feedback loops of biological systems.

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Practical skills for a commercial software career

In the last year a number of new people have joined the Rezare Systems team. As part of our involvement with local Universities and discussions with others in the industry, we’ve done some thinking about the sort of skills that we think are useful in building a career in commercial software development – and in particular, at Rezare Systems.

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