About Rezare Systems

Who we are

Rezare Systems is an established and growing company that provides ideas, guidance, software and product development expertise for those working in the agricultural sector.

Based in the Waikato Innovation Park, Hamilton, New Zealand, our team has expertise in livestock recording systems and genetics, environmental modelling and nutrient management, and farm systems modelling including feed planning and animal performance. 
Founded in 2004, our team has grown substantially to include capabilities in large databases, machine learning and data analysis, mathematical modelling, web and mobile device development.
Our customers trust us to bring a deep knowledge of the agriculture sector, a collaborative and innovative working style, and a solid process for product delivery.

Management and Business Contacts

You can contact any of our team members by email using the format firstname.lastname@rezare.co.nz

AndrewAndrew Cooke
Managing Director

+64 7 857 0822

GraemeGraeme Ogle

Farm Systems Analyst, Business Development

+64 7 857 0823

KimKim Saunders

Analyst and Project Manager

+64 7 857 0827

DonDon Wilson

Analyst and Project Manager

+64 7 282 0482

VickiVicki Fabling

Business Development and Project Manager

+64 7 282 1454