About Rezare Systems


We established Rezare Systems in 2004, with an initial team of five software developers and designers. Prior to starting Rezare Systems, each of our team had been working in agriculture and information technology for a number of years, most recently at AgResearch, New Zealand's government-owned organisation for pastoral agriculture research.

Our roles at AgResearch had encompassed livestock recording systems and genetics, environmental modelling and nutrient management, and farm systems modelling including feed planning and animal performance.


As our business has grown, we continue to focus on two key areas that help improve understanding and decision making:

  • A total farm systems approach rather than focusing on a single component in isolation; and
  • Emphasising usability and accessibility so that software tools can be used by the intended audience.

We always make it a point to understand how we can deliver value to our customer, and how any software or systems that are produced will provide value to the customer's business (and usually to the farmers who are the end-user of the software or the information).


We have a substantial team with business analysis, user experience design, architecture and database design, software development, and testing capability. We use an Agile development process to that prioritises the delivery of valuable, working software to our customers. Most of our team are based in Hamilton, New Zealand, with some members in other locations.